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The GLAMers Multiplier Event in Greece

Web2Learn organized the workshop “Visitors as active citizens: enhancing public participation in actions of cultural institutions for climate change”, at the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Athens, on December 1st.

The event brought together representatives of the major greek cultural organizations as well as experts in the cultural heritage sector that engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas and perspectives on the social role of GLAMs in the light of the climate emergency.

The event comprised of three round tables of six speakers each that focused on three interrelated dimensions of participatory climate actions carried out by cultural institutions, namely 

1) museums’ role in encouraging active citizenship for climate change, 

2) the role of technology in the service of cultural heritage institutions to address the climate emergency and 

3) the role of art in enhancing active citizenship and raising awareness on climate change. 


The website of the event is here and the programme here.

A recording of the discussions and a collection of practices of Greek and foreign cultural heritage organisations acting for climate will be out soon.

The event was part of the EU-funded The GLAMers project.

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