DIGITAL EXPERIENCES IN CULTURE – Multiplier event in Croatia – The GLAMers Project

DIGITAL EXPERIENCES IN CULTURE – Multiplier event in Croatia

MUO has organized a Multiplier event in Zagreb called DIGITAL EXPERIENCES IN CULTURE on February 7, 2023, at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb. The event presented the results of the project and interesting guest presentations on the topic of digital content in culture, in which speakers from other institutions and companies presented significant projects and ideas from the creative industry. Also, presented projects intended to connect cultural content and teaching. The results of The GLAMers project were presented by Iva Novak, senior curator museum educator of the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Further on interesting projects and ideas from the creative industry were presented by curators, museum pedagogues, librarians and an It representative from the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, the Antun Gojak City Gallery from Makarska, the Cetinska krajina – Sinj Museum and from the digital media studio Novena d.o.o.

The event started with a speaker from MUO who presented the results of The GLAMers project and the project itself.

Three speakers from the Technical Museum of Nikola Tesla presented 4 video presentations of drama performances from the educational workshop “The Secret of Nikola Tesla”, and an anatomical model of a bee that was created as part of the renovation of part of the museum’s display, which was used as an educational aid when recording short videos.

The first set of presentations was followed by a tour of TMNT permanent display with expert guidance. The guided tour focused on the part of the setup where digital interactive content is exhibited.

Second set of presentations started with the speakers that presented platform, which aims to create a tool that will contribute to the networking of the educational and museum system.

The event continued with presentation of some of the projects of the digital media studio Novena that connect culture and new technologies.

The event was brought to an end by a presentation of speaker from The City Gallery Antun Gojak which, through an interactive game similar to the game “Man, don’t get angry”, brings various dance styles, movements and the basics of proper exercise closer to the participants – players.

After the event, the participants were asked to fill out a survey whose goal was to evaluate their experience at the event. In general, the participants’ feedback is extremely positive with the organization and implementation of the event. Furthermore, they rated the event as extremely interesting and informative, the lecturers as accommodating and innovative, and the whole event very well organized. Also, they like the fact that all the lecturers were very different and came from different cities and institutions, and they hope to have more opportunities to participate in similar events or workshops which bring together cultural people and designers/IT people.